...ZEMIAL UPDATE (Aug 01, 2011)...

Zemial will headline the "Rites of Darkness Festival" in San Antonio - Texas on the 9th of December 2011

*Dusk 7" EP*
out now! order & preview a track below. This will serve as an appetizer for the new album but feature exclusive material.

*For the Glory of UR re-release*
HHR will be re-issuing the mighty 1996 debut album on both CD & LP. This project will be focused on after the release of the upcoming NYKTA 2012 album.

*Nykta 2012 album*
recording is still in progress.



Vorskaath elaborates about NYKTA...

"So here it is at last! I am very pleased to announce that the long-awaited NYKTA will be released via Hells Headbangers Records worldwide.

As some of you have already noticed, a teaser of NYKTA is already uploaded to give you a taste of what is to come. Yet, the scope of NYKTA reaches farther, into new territory and the music itself will speak louder than anything I have to say here. Good things take time and the time for this good thing is almost here.

Now Hells Headbangers were Zemial's very first distribution partner in the USA when I decided to release In Monumentum via NYX and have remained one of our closest and most valued associates over the past 5 years.

Having secured a major distribution deal with RED handling Canada and the USA and PHD/Code7 handling international distribution, Hells Headbangers will ensure that the music of Zemial will finally become widely available to friends and fans across the globe - an important step for us after years of very limited distribution.

In the meantime, the recording of NYKTA continues. What I have uploaded is only a rough version of the final product. However I am very glad to see everybody's appreciation of the new material and sound I thank all of you who wrote with positive commentary. Being the musician, sound-engineer and producer at the same time is a challenging task and your opinions and feedback give me that much needed objectivity.

I anticipate having completed NYKTA by September. When it is done, it will fully represent the vision I have in mind and something to be remembered as progressive and musical.

No compromise!

In the meantime, keep listening and sending in your messages and comments. I appreciate!



Zemial came to life in 1989 under the command of Vorskaath in Athens - Hellas.

Throughout the last 20 years Zemial have stood as The Adversary to accepted trends and chose to operate away from the mainstream, allowing the strength of their music and their concert performances to represent them.

After a number of demos, Zemial's official debut "Sleeping Under Tartarus" was released worldwide via Gothic Records in 1992 to great acclaim, placing them amongst the pioneering black metal bands of Hellas at the time. In 1994 Vorskaath moved to Australia during which time Zemial's output became limited as he begun working with other projects like Agatus, Alpha Centauri and The Watcher.

During this period of exploration, Vorskaath took a serious interest in drumming and composition and played in diverse musical styles such as free jazz, progressive rock and classical music. He played with various contemporary music Percussion Ensembles starting with the quartet Stix'n Tones in 1999 and became percussionist/timpanist for the Elder Wind Orchestra between 2003 and 2006. The exposure to different compositional and performance considerations had a definite effect on Zemial both in terms of live presentation and composition as would be seen and heard later on.

During the late 1990's Zemial's status climbed further on the strength of their unique (albeit rare) catalogue. However, with black metal losing its strength of spirit, Vorskaath withdrew from the black metal scene and focused on the pursuit of other musical styles, improvisation and composition.

Following incessant propositions, Zemial accepted an offer to return to Europe for a tour in 2001.

Live elements previously unknown to black metal such as improvisation, drum solos, bass and guitar solos left the mark of a group that is focused on progress and musicianship above all else. Their electrifying live appearances remain one of their trademarks.

In 2003 with the mini-album "Face of the Conqueror", Vorskaath revisited the thrash era yet with all of the elements that characterize the sound of Zemial. The band toured Europe again in mid 2003 and 2006 playing to audiences from Scandinavia across to the Mediterranean.

In 2006, after 11 years away, Vorskaath moved back to Europe pursuing his career as session drummer/percussionist. This in turn gave him the opportunity to use Zemial as a vehicle for experimentation and to cover more ground in Europe in terms of live appearances.

As a mark of respect to the memory of Thomas Forsberg - the greatest inspiration of Zemial in the early years - Vorskaath wrote a cycle of compositions that were independently released on the 1st of May 2006 titled: "In Monumentum".

Despite being available exclusively through underground mail-order distributors, "In Monumentum" received great support making it the band's highest selling release to date and voted best album of 2006 on many a forum.

They toured again in 2007, recorded the "I Am the Dark" single in 2008 and begun work on a new album.

In 2009 Zemial are celebrating their 20th Anniversary with another European tour and the preparation of their long-awaited album, "NYKTA" to be released via Hells Headbangers Records early 2012.

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